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The JS designs: JS-4300, JS-4600, JS-4700, JS-4800 and JS-4900 represent a body of work (design, evaluation and engineering) that has been carried out over the past 5 years. All designs contain the same “core values” of the famous Laser – “minimalism and simple”.

The JS Yachts range is designed in that every boat can be tailored to an individual skill level by way of sail plan selection. Laser replica sail and spar configuration are interchangeable with JS Yachts design proprietary set up.

Club / Recreational
Club / Recreational

JS Yachts Designer

Designer of the America’s Cup Kookaburra series and the legendary JS-9000

John Swarbrick

John is notably known for his America’s Cup designs of the Kookaburra series, the Whitbread 60 series and his signatory design style seen in the JS‑9000.

JS Yachts Features

  • Sail and spar options allow for sailors’ skill, stature and weight
  • Single or double handed crew potential
  • Deck and spar equipment is ergonomically user-friendly for all skill levels
  • Structural lifelong durability : CE standards
  • Low cost maintenance: minimal/non-complex
  • Built for both recreation and performance / sailing
  • Vang, cunningham and outhaul: single or split (port & starboard) set up
  • Toe straps adjustable to suit hiking style and sailor size
  • Hull and appendage geometry optimized for sail plan helm/ balance properties
  • Hull and appendage geometry optimized for sail plan – helm and balance properties/li>
  • Spar material: optional – carbon composite and /or aluminum
  • Sail material: optional – mylar or Dacron
  • Mainsheet: centrally located
  • Rudder configurations: fixed or pivoting
  • Hull and deck structure: cored composite carbon & glass

JS Yachts Range



Design parallels the single-handed Laser on all aspects.

Length: 4.30m
Beam: 1.38m



Provides maximum performance for light-weight sailors.

Length: 4.70m
Beam: 1.95m



For sailors going back to no-fuss single-handed dinghies

Length: 4.80m
Beam: 1.55m


Today's Icon

Exhilarating hiking single-handed performance on a contemporary classic design

Length: 4.90m
Beam: 1.38m

Sailor's Comments

They’re great boats, they are very easy. You don’t have to be an incredible sailor to put them together and to get out there and go. And, if you are a high-performing sailor, the boats can also perform to that standard. They’re versatile and they cater for a wide range which is really good, and they’re definitely fun boats to sail.
Braden Higgins, 18, Albany Western Australia
recent competitor in the 29-er National Titles in Sydney, Australia
They’re great boats for development and progression – that is an adult, or whoever, could progress right up to high level racing with these boats by just changing the sails. They are really inexpensive to be able to progress with because you just need to buy other (bigger) sails and not another boat.
They’re a great progressive boat. They’re a stable boat, great for learning in. They are so well set-up they take care of themselves, nice and steady. They’re quick to put together which is really great.
I think the JS 4.3 is a very attractive boat. It is comfortable as well as maneoueverable. I love how fast it is and how much fun!
Courtney Higgins, 20, Albany Western Australia
2012 WA Junior Exchange Sailing Scheme (JESS) participant –sailing 29’ers
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