Our Dinghy Range

A unique timeless design featuring a minimalistic application, integrating art and engineering.

Currently in the JS Yachts range is the JS-4300, JS-4700 and the JS-4900 which all feature this standalone quality.

The JS-4800, developed jointly with Bruce Kirby, the designer of the famous Laser dinghy, brings two great talents together.

Bruce and John first met in 1987 during the America’s Cup in Fremantle, Western Australia, as Chief Designers. Bruce designed “Canada” the Canadian syndicate whilst John was Chief Designer of the Kookaburra series. Many years later they re-connected to produce the JS-4800 dinghy design.

The JS Yachts range is the latest in John Swarbrick’s series portfolio, with a new design soon to be launched to add to this range.


Design parallels the single-handed Laser on all aspects


Provides maximum performance for light-weight sailors.


For sailors going back to no-fuss single-handed dinghies


Exhilarating hiking single-handed performance on a contemporary classic design

Sail Plans Available

The JS Yachts range is designed in that every boat can be tailored to an individual skill level by way of sail plan selection. Laser replica sail and spar configuration are interchangeable with JS Yachts design proprietary set up.



Club / Recreational

8.0m2 if sailor’s weight exceeds 80kg

Club / Recreational

8.0m2 or 9.5m2 dependent on the sailor’s weight



Dinghy Features

  • Sail and spar options to allow for sailors independent of skill, stature and weight
  • Single or double handed crew potential
  • Deck and spar equipment (ergonomics): use friendly for all skill levels
  • Structural durability – lifelong: CE standards
  • Low cost maintenance: minimal/non- complex
  • Engineered (set up) for both recreation and performance / sailing

  • Vang, Cunningham and outboard: single or split (port & starboard) set up.

  • Toe straps adjustable to suit hiking style and sailor size

  • Hull and appendage geometry optimized for sail plan helm/ balance properties

  • Spar material: optional – carbon composite and /or aluminum

  • Sail material: optional – mylar or Dacron
  • Mainsheet: centrally located
  • Rudder configurations: fixed or pivoting
  • Hull and deck structure: cored composite carbon & glass
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